my dream pelamin – the contact person

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yes, u read it right.

i had a lot of people asking me the contact person when i post up my dream pelamin pictures

1) dream pelamin part 1

2) dream pelamin part 2

i couldn’t  give out any information earlier cos i didn’t know who did the pelamin.

but yesterday, we met up with the person who charged of making the pelamin

Mr Din – he can be contacted at 017 – 635 1838

if he ask u where u got his number from , tell him its courtesy of Avicenna Studio’s boss – cos i got it from him 😉

oh yeah, fyi he made both of pelamin

beauty innit? it makes u wanna go get married all over again hahahha

picture by


bunga pahar

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the bunga pahar for my wedding were purple and white, made out of plastic “crystal-like” flowers with silver beads hanging out and purple ribbons
mum and i really really liked ’em. we were really proud to have found ’em cos it’s still rare amongst malay weddings. hehehe

we found ours at semua house in kl. i forgot the name of the shop, but if ur goin there its the first shop on ur right down the stairs from the main entrance 😉

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