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September 9, 2008 at 2:58 pm | Posted in songs | 2 Comments
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here’s a few of my favourite wedding songs that u might find useful for ur compilation on ur wedding day

1) Koko Kaina – Just You and Me

2) Atilia/Tompi – Selalu Dengan Mu

3) Michael Buble – Everything

4) Ingrid Michealson – The Way I am

5) Alicia Keys + Adam Levine – Wild horses

6) Feist – 1234

7) Somewhere over the rainbow + wonderful world (50 first dates OST)

8 ) Especially for you – acoustic version by a phillipino band, Mymp

9) Beirut – Postcards from Italy

10) Jack Johnson – Better Together

these aren’t the typical love songs u’d hear at weddings. i like to keep mine errrm a tad unique and not so mainstream/famous . will be back for more!


wedding songs

August 24, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in songs | 3 Comments

i have a list of wedding songs that you may find nice to play at ur wedding. comprises of nice malay, indonesia and english ballads. i will post ’em up soon.

hubby was great enough to get my favourite songs played at his reception (the song list at my reception didnt turn out as i wanted cos my listed got veto-ed out 😦 )

the highest points would be

1) Joss Stone’s jazzy rendition of the classic L.O.V.E

2) Jason Mraz’s duet with Colbie of a really really sweet song called Lucky.

Thanks Hubby xoxo


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I was listening to this two great songs the other day. And I’d imagine how great it would be to use on of the songs for the reception as the bride&groom are about to walk down the “aisle” to get to the pelamin, while all eyes on the newlyweds .

Ingrid Michaelson – The way I am

Joss Stone – L.O.V.E


Ps: if u have not heard of the songs before, please look ’em up and have a listen . You’ll know what I mean 🙂

Song List

November 23, 2007 at 6:06 am | Posted in hehe, songs | Leave a comment

I havent got much time to update the blog recently. Been caught up with work. Though I’ve managed to list out a few “candidates” for my wedding songs 😉

Song List

everything – michel bubble

l-o-v-e – joss stone’s version

dua sejoli – dewa19

takkan ada cinta yang lain -dewa19

better together – jack johnson


especially for you – acoustic version kylie minogue’s number by a phillipino band, Mymp

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