temporary hiatus

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sorry i havent been updating much lately. trust me i have tons of stuff i could update, but i only wish i have the time. work has been piling up like mad since we got back from our honeymoon.

watch this space ya?

will write more soon! xoxo


salam aidilfitri

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salam aidilfitri to all

sorry for being hiatus for almost a month now.

been busy being a wife LOL i’m stilll not used to that word , still

good to know that some ppl have found this blog and used it as an “inspiration” to do one of their own 😛

a little bit more and i could change the world!

haha ok, maybe not

back to wedding stuff!!

the [W] pix

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ive managed to get hold some of the pix from the wedding and posted up on my other blog

it’s just a few pix, more to come when hubby has the time to edit ’em 😉


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finally i got hitched.


i’ll be back soon

freaking out

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ive been busy. super bz. well what do u expect. its another 2 weeks! i am definitely freaking out. so yes, i suggest doing those that u can do early, do it early!

we’re done with the favours except for those last minute work i.e rebus telur which will not be my job!

outfit for my aqad and reception is done. clothes for his side needs a tad alteration.

hantaran, 80% complete – just waiting for the day to decorate. oh yea, mine is gonna be super simple cos im too lazy and i dont have anyone who would wanna help me decorate my hantaran. so it may all just be ME and my uncrafty hands!

pelamin – booked

makeup artist -booked

THE ring – well, he said “just leave it to me” . honestly those words scare the shite out of me but whatever lah!

bunga manggar – almost done

decorating basket to put favours in – 3 basket done, dunno if mum wud force me to decorate more

invitation – 70% already out!

music – in the midst of compiling and arranging

manicure and pedicure – appointment booked

mehendi artwork (henna) – gonna see that lady this weekend

hair – already did a lil high/low-light about 1 month ago.

pengapit outfit – almost ready

hen nite – haha apparently my great frens are throwing me one so yeay! to that , although mine is called – bitch-eloratte party

akad outfit

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i got my akad outfit today. i gotta say i’m really chuffed about it. it’s a simple design. i needed the innocent and pure feel to it . hehehe. although, i’m quite nervous about wearing it on the big day. what if my tummy shows? what if it’s gonna be too hot? what if i look fat in it?

yikiesss. ok ok pointless freaking out session, i know. ehehe

here’s a sneak peak

of bandung and jakarta

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i was in bandung and jakarta recently.

purpose? initially it was supposed to be a short getaway since we got the tix free.

but it ended up to be shopping spree for the wedding.

 what did i get?

1)materials for akad and receptions for a very very reasonable price

2) favours – also for a reallllyy good price

 i saw a wedding outfit shop on our last day after getting the materials in jakarta. they have awesomely-grand-heavily-beaded wedding outfits at a price which u will never believe cos theyre cheap!!!

too bad i didnt get any cos he told me not to be wasteful. hes right. cos we already bought the materials by then. but if we didnt, i would have spent the whole day at the shop asking them to design my wedding outfits.

talk about wrong timing!


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yea, i’m literally booked

will tell more soon 🙂


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There’s approx about 5 weeks left to the second big day aka the engagement.

I’ve gotten about 60% of the stuff settled.

Outfit – sent for tailoring Selendang/veil – check!Make up artist – check!

Photog – check! (as what the other half said the other day)

Favours – check!

Invitation – not yet, within this week . Trying to surprise my invitees. They haven’t got a clue about it! Muahahaha

“sarung cincin” area/mini pelamin – have discussed with mum. she’s gonna figure out on what to decorate. something sweet and simple

Hantaran stuff 

Alas dulang – check!

Alas hantaran (polystyrene) – currently in progress. Im doing them myself!

Flowers on hantaran – mum asking her fren to do it

Bekas for hantaran – check!

Hantaran stuff – all check except perishable goods like chocs/cake/candies/fruits


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When it is time for a young man to get married his family will look around to identify a number of potential candidates. Having decided upon one particular young lady, then, the merisik of investigation process takes place. For this ceremony one or more representatives (wakil) of the young man’s family will pay a friendly visit to the family of the young woman whom they have in mind as his potential bride. The visit is purely for the purpose of further investigation. Its allows the visitors to see the young lady. A hint will be given to her parents regarding the purpose of the visit, and their reaction will be assessed. The girl’s parents may also give the visitors some idea as to whether or not their daughter will be interested in the match. The merisik does not constitute a formal proposal. Following the visit both sides can begin to think more seriously about the possibility or otherwise of the union. It is possible that no progress may take place, and the young man’s parents or representatives will then look for another possible candidate

(from http://www.geocities.com/malayculture/cus_wedd.htm)


mine’s done! 🙂

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