pink hantaran

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purple cake

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purple cake on hantaran. what a cute cake isn’t it?


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hantaran cake

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here’s the unofficial picture of my hantaran cake. inspired by this one. mum’s friend helped out to make it. my friends said the taste of theย cake was nice too!

tips – hantaran stuff

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wedding doesnt cost you a tiny amount. without proper $$ planning, it may just cost u a bomb! i’ve recently discovered a good way to spend ur money more effective especially on hantaran stuff.

some of the typical hantaran stuff for Malay weddings are perfume, makeup set, watches, shoes, belts, shirt, wallet to name a few. so what’s the tip to save up more on these stuff?


yes, i’ve recently discovered e-bay and yes, e-bay has definitely helped me saved up a lot of $$ especially on my hantaran stuff. so far, i’ve purchased branded make up set and perfume over ebay and saved up minimum 50% from the actual retail price. that is what i call smart shopping!

i have a few more items in the hantaran check list which i need to look out for in e-bay. if u wanna try it out, please beware of fakes and imitation stuff. do check out on the background of the seller before buying. if the seller has been awarded “POWER SELLER” title, then the things that particular seller sells are genuine and can be trusted.

have fun e-shopping!

hantaran – engagement part 3

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the sorta “official” hantaran pix of my engagement from my side to his + one pix ofย  tempat sarung cincin ๐Ÿ™‚

favours – gardenofgalleria

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i stumbled upon this great site for wedding favours. its called gardenofgalleria . the title speaks for itself “ur Megastore of Souvenirs/ Door Gift/ Cenderahati Perkahwinan”. indeed, they have a wide range or favours from candles to handkerchiefs and many more. check it out for urself. who knows, u might just find something that u’ve been looking for

hantaran – engagement part 2

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these are the hantaran from his side. hands down, theyre way nicer than mine especially the fact that it was only done 5 days before the big day! ๐Ÿ˜› i’ll get u next time mr smartass




hantaran – engagement part 1

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the pix of my engagement arent ready still but i have some pix of the hantaran. it was 60 percent made my urs truly though the final flower arrangement was made by mum’s friend. i personally think that it is cheaper to use fresh flowers. mine were simple but i like ’em nevertheless.. hehehe


2nd attempt

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somehow, after being veto-d previously, mum has agreed to let me “do” the flower setup of hantaran for my engagement , with one condition, her friend will be coming over to help n arrange it. ๐Ÿ˜›

i was a lil bored over the weekend and i had a few fresh flowers taken from a wedding the night before, so i ended up trying it out once again.

first pix -first attempt using pink african daisy aka gerbera, on an empty plate

second pix – second attempt using pink african daisy aka gerbera + pink roses, with white petal in the plate.

third pix – used up some mata kucing fruits( teehee..) and put it in to see how it looks like with something in the plate. (to be replaced with chocs on the “day” ).


January 17, 2008 at 11:04 am | Posted in engagement, hantaran | 2 Comments

heres my attempt to do my own hantaran, vetod by mum, she said its too simple. perhaps i should try my luck next time ๐Ÿ™‚


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