cute wedding favours

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purple favours

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as promised, i’ll be updating this blog as frequent as i can. some ideas for favours


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paper bags for favours

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u can use small paper bags to put in ur favours as per below. i prefer the small ones than the big ones. the big ones are a lil tacky 😛

paper bags as per pictures can be obtained from garden of galleria

favours – candle & soap flowers

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these can also be a great favour for ur big day. candle & soap flowers!

favours – inani craft & design

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*sorry i haven’t been updating lately. i hadnt got the mood 😐 but now im back! *

stumble upon this place recently. they have all sorts of ceramic favours. here’s a few pix taken . sorry pictures are so clear.taken from m crummy phone-cam

inani craft & design

2nd floor, SACC Mall Shah Alam

favours – garden of galleria

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i went to Nisa’s (of garden of galleria) home to check out her inventory of favours. i gotta say, she has tons of ’em from mini paper bag to handkerchief, bunga telur to candles. below are some of the items that caught my eyes. taken from my phone camera to show to mumsie. if you’re looking for favours, i would recommend to check out Nisa’s collection. she has a wide range of favours to look at. she does this biz from home so u need to call her up before to pop by her home. she’s warm and welcoming and she also provides map to her house which is very useful!

favours – gardenofgalleria

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i stumbled upon this great site for wedding favours. its called gardenofgalleria . the title speaks for itself “ur Megastore of Souvenirs/ Door Gift/ Cenderahati Perkahwinan”. indeed, they have a wide range or favours from candles to handkerchiefs and many more. check it out for urself. who knows, u might just find something that u’ve been looking for

of bandung and jakarta

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i was in bandung and jakarta recently.

purpose? initially it was supposed to be a short getaway since we got the tix free.

but it ended up to be shopping spree for the wedding.

 what did i get?

1)materials for akad and receptions for a very very reasonable price

2) favours – also for a reallllyy good price

 i saw a wedding outfit shop on our last day after getting the materials in jakarta. they have awesomely-grand-heavily-beaded wedding outfits at a price which u will never believe cos theyre cheap!!!

too bad i didnt get any cos he told me not to be wasteful. hes right. cos we already bought the materials by then. but if we didnt, i would have spent the whole day at the shop asking them to design my wedding outfits.

talk about wrong timing!

“cupcake” favours

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found these when i was shopping in Ochard Road

pretty cute aren’t they?

suitable for wedding favours

ps : they’re made out of small face towels/handkerchief and fake strawberries 😉

chocolate favours

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Chocolate wrapped up like a flower bouquet on a stick.

Totally love the idea especially for favours.

Courtesy of Famous Amos 😉

Might just propose to mum on this!

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