hantaran – engagement part 3

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the sorta “official” hantaran pix of my engagement from my side to his + one pix of  tempat sarung cincin 🙂


hantaran – engagement part 2

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these are the hantaran from his side. hands down, theyre way nicer than mine especially the fact that it was only done 5 days before the big day! 😛 i’ll get u next time mr smartass




hantaran – engagement part 1

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the pix of my engagement arent ready still but i have some pix of the hantaran. it was 60 percent made my urs truly though the final flower arrangement was made by mum’s friend. i personally think that it is cheaper to use fresh flowers. mine were simple but i like ’em nevertheless.. hehehe


my engagement

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I got engaged 2 weeks ago.

It was a simple and small ceremony.

But it was great

Love those who came and share their happiness with us

Thanks xoxo

this was the color of my outfit. i like it alot! it was cheap but nice! hehehe. plan to post my hantaran soon. been busy with work.


2nd attempt

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somehow, after being veto-d previously, mum has agreed to let me “do” the flower setup of hantaran for my engagement , with one condition, her friend will be coming over to help n arrange it. 😛

i was a lil bored over the weekend and i had a few fresh flowers taken from a wedding the night before, so i ended up trying it out once again.

first pix -first attempt using pink african daisy aka gerbera, on an empty plate

second pix – second attempt using pink african daisy aka gerbera + pink roses, with white petal in the plate.

third pix – used up some mata kucing fruits( teehee..) and put it in to see how it looks like with something in the plate. (to be replaced with chocs on the “day” ).


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heres my attempt to do my own hantaran, vetod by mum, she said its too simple. perhaps i should try my luck next time 🙂



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Managed to scout around for the merisik ring and engagement ring. Almost hit the ceiling when I saw engagement ring that cost about 2k +++.

Personally, I’d rather have a simple engagement ring and a nicer(or bigger) wedding ring (esp the one from the diamond district). I guess malay tradition is different from the western tradition where they’d get the biggest rock for engagement and  just a wedding band for their wedding

i kinda have the rough idea on what i want for my engagement ring. and no, it aint gonna cost me a bomb, definitely 🙂

engagement to-do list

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List inspired by a “martha” 🙂  Subject to changes

2 months before
1) buy hantaran stuff
2) send material for tailoring – baju kurung johor , fitted with beads
3) book makeup artist + photog
4) invitation list
5) select favours
6) select food for the day – tea-time food
7) select day, time, venue
Time : tea time 430/5pm onwards
Day : february, date TBA
Venue : my parents home
8 ) select accessories ; shoes, brooch, earring, necklace, selendang
9) discuss on “pelamin” area with mumsie

1 month before
1) 50 % completed for hantaran
2) start working on favours (if doing on ur own)
3) follow up on engagement outfit
4) buy accessories
5) order flower bouquet
6) ready stuff for “pelamin” area

1 week before
1) hantaran completed except  foodstuff
2) reconfirm make up artist/photog
3) reconfirm food
4) favours completed
5) outfit completed
6) accessories ready
7) reconfirm flower bouquet
8 ) start working on “pelamin” area

Any thing that I might have missed out?

materials – engagement

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Sis and I just wanted to check Nilai 3 and what they have got to offer the other day. Didn’t expect that I would actually ended up buying the materials for my engagement. LOL but I did, and its in one of the pics above.

Its pretty cheap (mum says its super cheap) but I dun mind. Cos im not gonna spend much on the engagement anyway. Just as long as it’s simple and nice. It’s gonna be a plain top and the kain will have some sort of a songket design. At the moment, planning to make it into a fitted baju kurung.

engagement hantaran list

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Engagement Hantaran List

7 dulang  vs 5 dulang

1) ring
2) fresh flower bouquet
3) tepak sirih/sirih junjung(?)
4) material for akad
5) fruits
6) cake/cupcakes
7) chocs

i don’t wanna waste much money on the engagement. so it’s gonna be a simple yet a nice one.  i hope  😉 the color will be shade of cyan which is turquoise, a-la tiffany and co hehehe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turquoise_%28color%29

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