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I have an idea on favours for my wedding.

u know those colorful lollipops? See # 1 . Yeah those. Maybe a lil ribbon on it to make it look wedding-ish, see # 2. but then I found this pic. See number # 3, which is perfect for wedding favours don’t u think?

Then I saw these pics see number # 4 . which I think its sooo cute and can also be one of the hantaran

But then I saw pic number # 5. Lollipop invitations. Which I personally think is cool! Don’t think mum and dad would approve that though LOL













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  1. best nya wedding favors lollipops.. tapi just imagine 1a lollipops with deco is about rm2+.. and you gotta buy kata la 1000 pieces… giler mahal..

  2. I love lolypop invitations… that`s awesome, where do you think i can find that?

  3. sorry mag, i havent got a clue. i just stumble upon those pix over the internet. gluck!

  4. hello… im verry interesed about ur lollipop wedding invitation…. can i now wheres the place and the contact person can create an unique wedding invitation like that? and also can i know about the prices? thank u so much….

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